An electric cellist, singer, and producer hailing from Baltimore, Maryland. AxixA's homegrown mix of sultry and rock vocals wrap around lyrics of mental illness, love, and identity encased in a sound that is not quite Rock, but not quite like anything else either.

Initially Classically trained, AxixA left Classical performance (and music school) behind for a journey through Jazz, Rock, and Electronic music over the last five years. During that formative time,  AxixA switched to using electric cello primarily and audio programming where she designs custom plug-ins for her Cello. This has led her to recording sessions and tours with artists such as Starset, Dennis Chambers, and Adam Blackstone. 

Now AxixA is focusing on her own sound. Creating music that reflects her musical journey and history. A little classical, a little rock, a little jazz, all dope. Be on the lookout for new singles every month for the rest of 2018!


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AxixA non-branded instrument

AxixA non-branded instrument

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