ANOTHER new youtube Series

Hey folks! As I've decided to focus more on my internet- based fans, I've started another youtube playlist focusing on the performance of my sounds with Top Hits!

My first video for the "+Electric Cello Series" is 21 Savage's "Monster"…

New Youtube Series!

Where's the Cello?
...well lets look for it! In my new youtube series, we analyze VST effects Ive previously used to get different sounds out of my Cello.

Because a Cello doesn't only have to sound like a Cello…

The D.M.U.N.s

Hey Yall!

To Celebrate my latest release, Care To Admit, you will see the D.M.U.N.s popping up on my social media. They represent the different struggles illustrated in the song!

Dont Mask Underlying Negativity!

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Tell Me Your Story

I think most of us can admit that we just had to be broken, shattered to the point where we wondered if we would ever become whole again, to be transformed.

I want to know what that moment felt…

Metro Gallery...and new original music coming!

Oh man, I had a great time at Metro Gallery! Thanks to the sound team, TV Girl, Infinity Crush, and Quinton Randall for an awesome night!

I really felt alive last night with our great and positive crowd as…

June Release: Sugar, We're Goin Down

Have you heard my latest cover yet?? Sugar, We're Goin Down is available everywhere! Just click on the link below to pick your preferred outlet. I promise if you know the original, you will be singing along!

First Show Report

First show was, after some hiccups, a success!! 

Had so much fun sharing my latest songs with The Meer and Miles Hewitt at The Holy Underground. We had an intimate turn out, but so is the space so thats…

Once A Month!

Hey Yall! 
It's awesome that you here visiting my site! Thank you! For this year, the goal is to release at least 1 track a month starting this past April and we are right on track. Last month, I released…